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December 30, 2011



Hey Joy! Congrats on David's paci milestone. I've been meaning to ask you for tips on this. Sid is so paci dependent. She's 2.5 and I know we have to kick the habit (and I know you feel my pain of judgment since she is considered very old to have the paci). Do you have any tips you'd be willing to share?


We used the Paci-Fairy book with both kids and I LOVE it! It explains things really well, in a way that they understand. Around 2ish we tried to start limiting the paci, when they started mothers day out the paci was put in backpacks and Hannah didn't use it at all at school, and David only occasionally used it at nap time. At home we tried to start limiting the use to naps, long car rides ; ) and bed time (we were better about this with Hannah) so it wouldn't be such a huge shock. David ended up giving it up a little sooner than I had planned, I had been planning on really making a push after Christmas, but he chewed little holes in all of his paci's (which he calls broken) and we decided that we wouldn't buy anymore since we were so close to 3. We read the paci fairy and he decided he was ready to give them all up, so we gathered them up and that was that. The paci fairy left notes for both kids telling them how proud she was of them, and we took both kids to build a bear (so they have something to cuddle at night) to reinforce the whole "big kid" thing. I know that build a bear will also put a paci in an animal if you think that could work for you (I was always afraid my kids would be trying to rip open their animals in a fit of desperation!; ) Hannah's transition was much easier- I think we had planned it out a little better timing wise, David has been tougher, but it still wasn't that bad. His napping has been messed up, but I'm hoping that will even out, and if it doesn't he's about the age that Hannah was when she gave up naps so I'll let it slide ; ) You can read about Hannah's paci story here
http://www.doctorswife.net/the_doctors_wife/2010/05/the-paci-fairy.html Good luck!


I like the new blog decor... very clean and fresh. And it's Joy blue.

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