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January 23, 2008



How is your internship year going? It has been a lot better than I thought it would be. Everyone kept telling me it was the hardest out of all of it and I let that scare me. Don't get me wrong, it has been hard, but nothing we haven't dealt with for the last 5 years. It is a day at a time thing. Enjoy the second half of the intern year!


I don't really think I know what it is like to be married to a doctor yet? Really we have just completed 4 years medical school and 5 years general surgery residency. All we know is the craziness of residency.


I am wondering if Mike is practicing medicine or still in residency or fellowship and in what field. I met my husband in medical residency and we suffered together through his fellowship, practice interviews and finally private practice. I am also curious on your discussions about the medical industry. One thing I am is a comforting ear for my husband's stressful days with patients, hmos, notes and the business side of medicine.

Lindsey @ ETJ

You mean you don't ride around town in your limo shopping all day while the Nanny cares for the kids, the cook fixes a gourmet dinner, and the housekeeper does the laundry??? :)

My very favorite doctor is my OB. He saved my daughters life. Anyhow I ran into his wife one day at Target. She was walking around in sweats with her hair in a ponytail and was just like me. :)

In the end, we're all people. Human.


I just stumbled upon your blog this morning via Enjoy the Journey...and I have to say how much I've enjoyed reading your blog and the "truths" about being a doctor's wife. :-)

My husband and I have been married just shy of 5 years (and just about 4 of those have been spent in medical school--he'll graduate this June). While I'm very excited to complete this stage of his medical education (a lifelong journey), I definitely have my reservations, especially since we have decided for me to be a SAHM once we start residency (we have an 18 month old and one due 4/30).

I've only heard that PGY1 is worse than being in medical school....please tell me it's not that bad. :-)


I was one of the folks that found your blog in that goofy way...and it was because I was wondering if there were any other women out there who were annoyed by the "oh, how nice it must be to date a doctor" comments. :) I look forward to reading your blog. :)

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